Why You Need to Study a Digital Marketing Course

The world today dances to the beat of a digital drum. Half of the planet’s population uses the Internet (this is over four billion people). Increasingly, consumers make use of their smartphones, tablets as well as mobile devices in order to:Carry out research,Connect with their peers, as well asMake buying decisions wherever they are in the world.As technologies, which are emerging, continue to present themselves the digital world is evolving. This means that brands, businesses and up-and-coming digital marketers need to move with the times. You need to keep up with the latest industry trends while increasing your skills on a regular basis.At the current moment, 76% of businesses define their relationship with technology and digital transformation as ‘average’ or ‘above average’. Not only is this a proof of the ever-growing power of digital but it also goes to showing that anyone who is not in a hurry to adopt the right digital skills or talent will probably not survive in the long run.There is no disputing the statement that the digital marketing industry is on the rise. This means that digital marketing as a field of study has emerged in both academic and professional curriculums. Here are some excellent reasons why you need to study a digital marketing course.Customers are onlineSouth Africa’s population is 56,72 million people. A total of 20.9% of the population uses the Internet in some shape or form. Thus it is clear that customers are active Internet users. This means that modern marketers need to recognise how to communicate with their customer digitally

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