What is content marketing?

‘Content marketing’ is a buzzword nowadays. The term is commonly associated with YouTube, Twitter, blogs, and vlogs. However, what not many people realize is that content marketing has been around for much longer than the Internet has been.

Content marketing is about telling stories

Modern-day consumers want more than just information. Individuals of this generation are accustomed to having easy access to:

  • News,
  • Ideas,
  • Information, as well as
  • Knowledge

They are well versed in the tricks that digital marketers employ. These consumers cannot stand annoying marketing. The more advertising lines they see in a piece of copy, the quicker they stop reading it. This means that storytelling is a great idea for any digital marketing campaign.

Why do we say this?

People adore stories. They are excited to read about what is similar to something that they’ve experienced. Storytelling can be a very useful tool for content creators. This is because stories can influence people’s emotions and get those precious likes and shares.

What makes a great story?

Terms such as “good” as well as “bad” are relative in describing a story. These depend on a user’s tastes. However, there are a few mechanisms which are non-negotiable. These make for a great storytelling experience for the reader as well as the teller.

Good stories can be described as:

  • Good stories keep the reader hooked and concerned with what’s coming next.
  • Good stories trigger curiosity and enhance the reader’s bank of knowledge.
  • All readers can relate to good stories. These tap into emotions and experiences that most people undergo.
  • Good stories follow a concise pattern of organization that assists with conveying the core message and helps readers absorb it.
  • Good stories stick in the reader’s mind.

How to write a phenomenal story for your content marketing


People don’t enjoy reading copy which is abstract. This means that when telling a story, do so from your own point of view or, alternatively, another person’s. This will make it more likely for these types of stories to bring about empathy in your readers.

Design the storyteller to look as similar to your clients as you can. Give them the same problems and worries. This tactic would be perfect for a digital marketing campaign where the main character:

  • Talks about the product or service, as well as
  • Answers the questions that people may have.

Add emotion

Longing, humor, admiration or even fear. Tell a story which elicits an emotional reaction in your audience.

Offer a scenario that solves a challenge

Take people’s fears, doubts as well as insecurities and demonstrate to them how your product can deal with the problems that they are facing. People usually trust such ads with testimonials from professionals.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

  1. More content on your site

The more effort you spend on content marketing means that you’ll have more content on your site. The consequence of this is that your customers will have:

  • More reasons to stay on your website,
  • More openings to become familiar with your brand, and
  • More trust in your brand which will lead to higher conversion rates.
  1. Higher visibility in search engines

Every new blog that you add to your website is another page which Google will index. Increased numbers of pages don’t always mean that you’ll get more search traffic. However, having more quality pages that are indexed can give you more opportunities to rank for increased numbers of search queries.

  1. Higher domain authority

Writing more, high-quality content will increase the apparent expertise, authority, relevance as well as trust of your site. If what you have on your site earns more inbound links from external sources, your website’s domain authority will increase.

  1. More referral traffic

When you write for external publications as a guest blogger, you’ll have the chance to link back to your site. Only make contributions to a relevant, authoritative site. This site must have lots of traffic. If you do this then a single guest article could earn you thousands upon thousands of new visitors to your site.

  1. More social traffic

Distribute your content on your social media platforms in order to gain increased exposure. If you do this, more social media users will see and read your material. In addition, they will have the occasion to share your content with their friends and followers. This will greatly increase your circle of followers.

Content marketing is inexpensive, safe as well as available for anyone in any industry. In addition, it’s beneficial in many different areas. As soon as you start investing in content marketing, the sooner you’ll begin to see results. You’ll eventually see better results.

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