Tips for Using Pinterest for Your Small Business

When Pinterest was launched in 2010, nobody thought it would make so big. As of today, it has more than 200 million monthly active users! Given its popularity and fun visual element, it is now being leveraged by organizations across the world to boost their business.

Did you know that 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have Pinterest accounts? Yes, that’s the power of this image bookmarking tool! Now, if you thought that Pinterest is only for large businesses, you are living under the rock. There are hundreds of small companies which are killing it with their pins and carved a niche for themselves in the market. Whether you are into fashion, food, travel, fitness, education, wedding, beauty, interiors or any other business, you can make Pinterest work for you.

Why Pinterest?

The biggest advantage that this social media platform offers you is the visibility of your business. When you post pictures and people pin them, you get your potential customers. So, Pinterest is a great lead generator tool.

These pictures usually originate from your blog or websites. If Pinterest users click on them, it can influence them to buy your products. Let’s say you sell beauty products. You can create pins for different products along with their description, prices, and link to the order page. They can either place the order immediately or pin the posts to their inspiration boards so that they can easily find you at later purchase date.

Tips to Use Pinterest

If you are new to Pinterest, you can take up a digital marketing course to understand its nitty-gritty. Meanwhile, here are some quick tips.

  • Create a very engaging Pinterest profile for your business. Write an interesting bio about what this account is for and upload your logo or any visual that describes your business the best. Do not forget to include business email, website/blog link, and other social media handles.
  • Post high quality and visually appealing photos to catch the attention of people.
  • Don’t limit yourself to images, you can post videos too!
  • Run campaigns and contests on Pinterest. For instance, you can ask your Pinterest followers to create an inspiration board related to your product and offer a discount/voucher/giveaway to the person who pinned the highest number of images or whose board has the maximum followers. This will give a huge boost to your website traffic.
  • Add a Pin It button to every image you have on website, blogs or landing pages. Because what you or people pin gets picked up by search engines.

These days, there are several digital marketing Institutes that can give you an overview of Pinterest.

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