How your social media strategies and SEO strategies work hand in hand

At the moment, we are living in a digital era. We are heading straight to digital transformation no matter what the industry as well as business is. Most of your customers as well as users are searching for a presence of any business online to interact seamlessly.

Owing a website can be likened to the first address that you give to people in order to contact you for fundamental information. You are just part of the big Google database that has the same kind of services which are offered by others. The challenge is how to stand against the competition. Here are two of the best ways to rise above the competitors in current day scenarios: Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation strategies to help your website stand out

First of all, you’re going to have to get into the minds of your target customers and figure out what search query they will be making in order to find a product such as yours. So, for example, if you’re an electrician working in the Randburg area, you would optimise your website for “electrician” and “Randburg”.

Optimising the content on your website with a rich set of keywords will cause you to get better results. Ensure that your website is well optimised irrespective of the search engines. Google, Yahoo, as well as Bing are the popular search engines which people use which will help you to gain organic traffic to your site with the targeted keywords.

There are many tools available, which won’t cost you a cent, to help you to track what exactly users are searching for. Tools such as Keyword Planner as well as Google Analytics are the best in order to get a good idea of the performance metrics of your website. These program will let you know:

  • The sources of traffic,
  • How much time is spent on your site, in addition to
  • A whole host of other metrics.

After this,  it is possible for you to optimise your SEO strategy to reach out the users online.

Social media strategies to get the word out there

After you’ve optimised your website for SEO (and don’t think that this is a once-off job – SEO optimisation is an ongoing process) you can now start to broadcast your company’s message through social media.

Social media platforms have become no-brainers for digital marketers in recent times. Many leading brands have developed their social media presence in order to reach as well as connect with the customers.

As the utilisation of smartphones has increased significantly over the last few years, every brand as well as business is paying a lot of attention to social media presence. This enables users to directly contact the brands who they want to reach in a quick amount of time.

Social media marketing offers you instant results as well as recommendations in order to accelerate your digital marketing efforts. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as others come with useful tools as well as buttons to facilitate sharing and commenting.

The more the shares as well as comments that you get, the more engagement you can generate online with your customers. Putting together the perfect social media strategy for your business will give you a competitive edge over other companies in your niche. Your social media strategies should encompass:

  • Creating content,
  • Sharing with the correct user community,
  • Beginning to engage with customers as well as influencers,
  • Participating in forum discussions, as well as
  • Promoting your products as well as services.

SEO as well as social media marketing will always go hand-in-hand. This is because these two activities  yield considerable web traffic and allow you to nurture leads. You need to build your own strategy with the correct set of audience members in order to have effective ROI.

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