How to target businesses on Facebook

What we will cover

So we are going to be addressing a very common interview question for digital marketing roles. And which is how do you actually Target businesses on Facebook? I mean, can you actually do that or that it’s kind of tough to do that.

Remember Linkedin is always the first choice when it comes to targeting businesses

Okay moving on. So there are these ways in which you can Target businesses on Facebook now, we must remember that first of all LinkedIn is the Natural Choice to Target businesses because on LinkedIn you get exact information of wherein a company a person is working, how long he has been working and all, you know, all professional certifications and related details, but the interest in targeting businesses on Facebook is because.


So why Facebook?

One Facebook has more people the other is that the cost. The cost is the way is a lot less compared to that of LinkedIn and when I’m talking about cost I’m talking about the cost of running ads on these platforms. So before we get to ads they actually do other ways, which you should know, organic ways of reaching out to a business on Facebook.


Tactic 1 – Fan Page content

One of them is the traditional aspect of the content. So if you have relevant content on your fan page, so for example, if you talk about CRM if you’re talking about Social media, you know, if you’re having these kinds of posts then automatically you reach out to your marketing managers who are interested in this kind of content.


Tactic 2 – Facebook Search

Second, some of you may not know that Facebook has a powerful search function, just like google. So if you go to Google and you go to Facebook and search for manager of marketing and you will see that you get started getting some profiles of people and you can filter them based on the company or the education of the city now you may not get the results if you filter by company because not many people actually put in their companies on facebook, but you know, this is a database.


Tactic 3 – Facebook Ads.


So yes, ads is a very direct way of reaching out to your target audience and when it comes to Facebook just like LinkedIn it allows you to reach out to people from specific cities from who have certain who are holding certain work titles, who are working in certain companies, who are working in certain verticals, like insurance or manufacturing it does allow.


So let me just show you how that happens. So I’m in the ad manager Facebook. And the first thing is we just spoke about the fact that you can Target people who hold certain position like the head of marketing. So that is one of the options when it comes to interests in your ad panel, so it is possible, you can Target people who are working in a certain vertical.



So, Insurance, Insurance would be one of it could either be interesting or it could actually be an industry. So that’s another option that you have on Facebook or



you could Target people who are working in certain like certain companies like Infosys. He is an employer so you can run that reach people of Infosys.


Now. The thing to note here is, you know, I’m just kind of repeating maybe I’ve said this before but it’s worth remembering, it’s worth to repeat that very few people actually put in their companies, actually putting the work titles on Facebook, but there is a certain percentage and if you are taking your first step and you’re trying to reach out to these businesses doing ads on Facebook is a lot cheaper by a fraction of saying it’s almost could be 20% of that of LinkedIn


And that’s why it’s attractive, especially if you are trying to sell Business Services, which are not very expensive. If you’re maybe trying to sell like a WordPress plugin for 30 or 40 dollars. You know, that this Facebook could be an option or if you are trying to increase the brand awareness of your product or service you’re trying to make the people aware before you retarget them on some other platform. So, this is also convenient and a cheaper option as compared to LinkedIn.


Apart from this, there are some other options that very interesting options, which very few people know actually. So for example, if you do you know, there’s also an option to reach out to business page admins or what happens is if you are reaching out to admins of Facebook page admins, you’re automatically reaching out to the people who are managing their fan page and it comes to small businesses is generally the main guy who’s managing it. So it’s also a convenient way to reach out to a small business owner.


So yes, that was it. Those are the ways to reach out to businesses on Facebook.

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