How To Grow A New Start-Up Using Google AdWords Management?

So, you want to grow your new start-up? Well, contrary to popular belief, PPC advertising, especially Google AdWords, is a great way to grow a business. Investing in Google AdWords Management in Sydney NSW can drive profitable revenues for your start-up. But, are you wondering how to approach this marketing? Read on.

Start-ups need to do all that they can to maximise their chances of success, especially when the competition is so tough. And, paid search advertisements or PPC is one option which just can’t be ignored. Paid search advertisements like Google AdWords can help start-ups gain traction in their respective markets. Not only can these advertisements help attract new business, but also help your start-up generate growth. But, how do you start?

Here’s everything you need to know about

Who Should Own The Campaign?

Google does a fairly decent job of making ad campaign creation quite simple. However, there are certain nuances which you may not know about.

You need to get an understanding of the tactics for numerous specific tasks and get better at them. Besides learning the basics of AdWords, you need to understand how the auctions work. Next, you will have to get strategic and use your budget wisely. Sounds quite time-consuming, isn’t it? Seeking the assistance of experienced internet marketers who specialises in Google AdWords is thus essential.

What To Do At First?

Today, start-ups are diving head-first into marketing automation and the wonderful things they provide. Rule-based workflows which handle the movement from led to sale are the coolest things for marketers at present. However, you can do the same thing from an advertising perspective and this is what’s called remarketing.

In Google, remarketing is amazing since you are only paying for the clicks. So, when you’re showing remarketing ads to people who have become leads, you will get the impressions for free. Remarketing is very cost-effective for you and your start-up. This is because you’re using ads to remind them that should take additional steps after being engaged with you.

So, your first endeavour into Google AdWords Management in Sydney NSW should be setting up remarketing. Once you enable remarketing in Analytics, you will have a default All Users audience. This will catch everyone who can visit your site. You need to look for different points on your site which indicate heightened levels of interest. Look for examples like-

  • Visited contact page
  • Visited pricing page
  • Started checkout

How To Manage Costs & Growth?

For managing your costs and growth, what you should be looking to do is-

  • Link the search console to the Google Analytics
  • Find out searches with low organic ranking
  • Boost your low search impression volume by writing out the keywords which best describe your business
  • Add broad match keywords
  • Use a very low bid and then increase it slowly until you start receiving impressions and achieve a good position
  • Check the average conversion rate for your total traffic and see if it matches your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

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