How to do SEO for Bing and Increase Your Organic Traffic

We all know that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a revolutionary online marketing strategy. Now, when I mentioned SEO, your mind must have diverted to the mental image of numerous Google websites, equipped with SEO. Yes, your imagination is undeniably right. But, why not employ the SEO strategy for Bing this time? Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Bing can be aptly quoted as the mythological sleeping giant of the SEO world. Well, here is data that might prove this point more accurately. In the year 2018, it was found that Bing had around 8.36% of the total search engine market share. Moreover, one can predict that Bing has an infinite way to go and it is not stopping anytime soon.

A case study by Tony Edward, the Senior SEO Manager at Elite SEM highlights that Bing is the second-largest source of organic traffic after Google. This has been finalized after checking the Q1 2016 performance year after year. Therefore, now is the appropriate time to implement the idea of SEO for Bing and let it fetch you a satisfactory amount of organic traffic.

Place the Right Backlinks
The worth of a website is increased by countless times when it has inbound links pouring in and the backlinks that redirect the visitor to the website. Backlinks work like magic if you want your site to be noticed by Bing. It is both a sign of popularity and good work. The Bing asks you to grow your profile link with the do-follow links and exact match anchor text.
Now, there are two kinds of links that are considered perfect by Bing.

Links from old domains – Old is gold and signals trust. Bing naturally catches this signal and drives traffic to your website.

Organic links from trustworthy websites – These are also equally important and help to accelerate the organic traffic to your site. For instance, .org, .gov, .edu stand out completely on a search engine like Bing.

There are also several ways to create a backlink which include guest posting, blog commenting, and web directory submission.

Quick Tip: You need to be careful about reciprocal links, links from the hacked websites, link schemes, etc. in order to avoid your site from getting delisted from Bing.
In case, you discover any spammy website linked to your site, then first try to solve this matter.

You can build high-quality info-graphics, compile detailed and understandable posts on some of the topics to get organic backlinks.

Content Optimization is Vital
Content is a valuable core of any website. It reflects the ideas, principles, and services of the site owner. Therefore, it is extremely important that you pay a whole amount of attention to this aspect.
The golden rule with content is that it has to be well-written and free of any obsolete advertisements. This is how you score a good rank on Bing.

What you can do is prevent blocking your main content, remove irritating ads, and make your content easy to find.

Quick Tip: You can decide a good length for your blog post. A length of approximately 1,600 words can be preferred with high content quality in order to appear on Bing.
Keep close a content marketing plan to allow detailed regular posts on your website.

Insert Relevant Keywords
Inserting relevant keywords in proper context is hard as well as a fruitful task. Bing suggests the modern content writers to carry on good keyword research and use them correctly for every piece of created content. A handsome amount of relevant keywords can be searched with the help of the SEO Book Keyword Research Tool.
Every keyword has the power to obtain entirely different results for you and gives an absolute lift to your money-making dreams. For example, keyword phrases, keywords, and keyword get around 45, 723, and 859 searches each day respectively.

Quick Tip: You can supply proximity keywords to your post. They multiply your chances of getting organic traffic for the local SEO.

Don’t Forget to Tag Your Website
There is yet another way to acquire fame for your website on Bing. And this one just minimizes your labour. You can make use of the categories or tags to get indexed by any search engine or more precisely by Bing.

Also, thanks to WordPress which is an excellent content management system which opens your path to managing the tags on your website. It has been found that 5% of the visitors are referred by tag pages listed on the search engines out of an estimated monthly 2,50,000 visitors. Now, this is something!
Furthermore, by putting tags in your content, you let the curious Bing crawlers or robotic Bing algorithms to have an insight about your post.

Quick Tip: You can think of tagging the alike blog posts using similar words and place them automatically in the same category.

Get Your On-Site SEO Elements Ready
On-Site SEO is way more important for Bing than Off-Site SEO. Internal links and sitemap are considered as the crucial parts of the On-Site SEO.

Site Audit Tool is of tremendous help if you want to find out issues on your website. And the best part is that you will get an enormous amount of recommendations to fix them. If you feel unsatisfied about any low-performing pages on your site, then you can choose to begin with internal linking. Here is a mention of Greg Kristan from TM Blast who got around 30% of organic clicks from Bing after optimizing the On-Site elements.

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