How Effective is Google AdWords for Small Businesses

entrepreneur, it is very important to stay on the right track when it comes to spending money – be it stationary, employee benefit or marketing. Coming down to a small business, the financial plans are sometimes even more strict. They have a limited budget and limited clientele to which they offer their niche products or services. And that’s one reason why some small businesses always stay away from investing in PPC.

If you’re in a similar dilemma and are wondering if Google Adwords is something worth your time and money, let’s break it down for you.

Things Small Businesses Should Know About Google Adwords

To start with, what is Adwords? Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is an online advertising service provided by the search engine itself. Google has crafted this platform where you can set up campaigns, insert keywords, and run ads for a desired budget with a goal to display sponsored ads on the top whenever someone hits the search button for a relevant keyword.

While a lot of business avoid using Google Adwords in the initial leg of their journey fearing they may not be ready for such investment or that it may burn a hole in the pocket. And that’s exactly where they often lose out.

Adwords, when used strategically, can be a gold mine for any form, size and type of business.

Let’s look at a few thing every small business owner should know about this advertising platform.

  1. You can target audience based on your location: Whether you are running a small business in a big city in the Italy or a small suburb in the US, Google Adwords will give you the power to show your ads to a target audience relevant to your location. It gives you the power to target the searches based on geography to you get in front of potential customers. Often used in combination with local SEO, location-based PPC ads can help you establish a presence in the community in a short span.
  2. Send audience to a desired page: If you are selling a product or informing your audience about a specific service, Google Adwords allows you to send people to a particular landing page where they can then take action in the form of buying a product and entering a lead funnel. When a user clicks on an ad, he gets sent to a page on your website. The best part about Adwords is that you get to choose the page in action.
  3. Setting a daily budget is important: Adwords has a learning curve. When you get started with it, things may seem a bit difficult but you’ll always know your way around if you pay attention to the specifics like the choice of keywords or the daily budget. Hiring a professional to help you sail through can always be a good idea.
  4. Performance tracking is the key to growth: Once you start using Adwords, you’ll be amazed at this efficiency and precision. After a campaign is set up and the ads start running, you can track the performance on a daily basis owing up to the clicks, impressions and the conversions that the particular ad lead to. With organic strategies, a business’s ROI is often a guess work. That’s something PPC eliminates – there’s no guessing, only real quantifiable data to analyze and plan further.
  5. Stay ahead of the league: It is always a good idea to track what your competitors are doing and improvise your strategy based on that, be it SEO or Google Ads. If you plan well, you can sometimes direct a competitor’s traffic to your website. Such is the power of Adwords.

Without another doubt, Google Adwords can a great way for small businesses to grow. If done properly and in a planned way, Adwords can prove to be a brilliant tool to help startups and small businesses achieve their targets quickly and set new benchmarks and KPIs for the future.

The bottom line is that when used right, Google Ads can aid a business to precisely target audience and escalate conversions. With a strong landing page, value proposition, and keyword, this can be a winning tool to use.

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