Google AdWords today is the world’s most popular platform for buying Impressions and clicks all across the web, We’re going to be talking about four reasons why it makes sense to go in for a Google AdWords certification in 2019.


So the format of this certification is a little different from the other so to earn the certificate you first you have to do two things:

  1. One is that you have to first clear the AdWords fundamentals test and
  2. the other is that you have to clear anyone to remember any one of the five Google AdWords tests mentioned below
    1. Search
    2. display
    3. mobile
    4. video and
    5. shopping and we will soon come to each one of these at the end of the video.


  • So especially if you’re a fresher this applies. Google AdWords certificate definitely makes you more hireable, and it helps you in shortlisting your resumes in front of a recruiter because this is proof of your capability. And in the event that you have your short on experience. This is a good testimony about your capability.
  • What happens typically if you’re not into digital marketing or not in AdWords marketing professional what happens is that you enter into the industry using with the sales profile and then slowly you graduate into a marketing profile because that’s the way the industry works if you enter into sales and then get into marketing but with AdWords certificate. This will help you. This is almost like a passport to get your first pure marketing job.
  • A LinkedIn profile today’s supports certifications and badges and with an AdWords certificate. You have that much more chances of getting noticed on LinkedIn
  • The fourth reason is that it’s free.


So we will quickly look at each one of those five different types of exams you mentioned starting with.

  • Search and so these are what you see on the screen are examples of search ads and search assessment basically assesses you on your ability to create these kinds of campaigns and manage bidding for these kinds of campaigns.
  • Next comes display and what you see on the right is Red Arrow, which is an example of a display ad. In this case. It is Times of and the display assessment as basically covers assesses your capability of creating and managing the bids for these kinds of display campaigns.
  • Next comes mobile advertising, both search and display ads not only can be seen on the desktop they can also be seen on the mobile and tablet devices and the mobile advertising assessment test covers your capability of managing these kinds of mobile ads.
  • Next video advertising assessment. This is basically on YouTube. You must have seen ads the in-stream ads on YouTube the overlay ads on YouTube that Discovery ads on YouTube.So these assessment test basically covers your competence in managing these kinds of ads for an Advertiser.
  • The last one shopping advertising assessment. This is especially true for e-commerce clients and you would have seen these this special panel which comes up when you are trying to buy when your search query has any words relating to e-commerce and for this Advertiser has to basically create a merchant center and then, you know incorporate the product data field and then start managing the shopping campaign, and that’s what this test helps us.

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