Some of the queries that people have relating to SEO are, how long does SEO take? , how long does it take to rank?


All these queries happen because there is this clear perception that SEO is long term as compared to clicks that you get from search engine marketing or social media ads, so I just want to take an example from our XYZ and show you that it need not be the case and it really is about using the information in your hand to decide what is to be done.


So we are going to this.  Okay, if you type digital marketing case studies India, you will see that the first result is of this website This is in fact in the knowledge Panel and immediately after that, the first rank is from the XYZ website. If you open this article, you will see this is the blog post and this is how it looks.


Yeah. So how is it that the ranking was achieved and the point being made here is the ranking was achieved within one or two days. So why and how did this happen? The first thing to notice is the fact that the keyword is bang-on, so which is the keyword in this case.


a) The main keyword is “digital marketing case studies in India”. So it is important to know that the idea was not to rank for “digital marketing case studies” but to specifically rank for “digital marketing case studies India” for which we have ranked. Based on this, the choice of a title tag, post headline everything was selected.



b) The second-bit is a Content structure and that is important when you want to rank today. There is a certain typical content structure which is required. You can look at some of the other articles to get to know what a typical content structure looks like. Logically it should be campaign information, the overview,  the tactic use, an impactful ending, and your case study should be backed up by some hard stats to have that impact on your readers.


c) The next bit is the originality of the article so you can’t just take content from some other websites and expect to rank just by playing around with the content, it does not happen like that. There are tools online which will tell you the level of plagiarism inherent plagiarism that creeps in, in web content so you need to do to keep a tab on that.


d) The other thing is the length of the post and for that what you need to do is look at the guys who are ranking on the top. So if you see Sorav Jain he has 50 and then some of the other ones have 15, 10. So if you’re trying to rank you can’t have two or three examples you will need to have 10 to 15 because that’s the level of content that others are putting out. You will see that long-form of content is doing well on Google as opposed to that old thing of 500 words or 750 words, you know, that’s not the metric.


e) The last bit is that it has to be shared on social media for it to have some engagement. So for that, you need to share it on your own social media handles and give it some legs to travel so that the content Travels by its own and get some backlinks.

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