Find below some of the Best Instagram bots, apps and tools to automate your the process of “linking” and “following” others.

It is not new marketers and business owners want to get more followers and “likes” especially from valuable potential customers.

Most of these “Instagram followers likes” bots and apps allow you to automatically make “likes” and “follow” specific content via hashtags, bio keywords or geo-locations.

Choosing the best Instagram bot for your business is more about finding the right tool that will help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

If you are quite lost on what you want to achieve with your Instagram marketing, you will first to map out a  successful social media strategy plan.

Yes, you will get more REAL followers on Instagram. using an Instagram bot but if that’s not your top social media marketing objective it can become a real distraction. You have now been alerted!

On the contrary, if you know what you are doing and you are ready to bump up your Instagram followers count by automating the process of following key Instagram users and “liking” their content, you should then keep reading down…


Instagram bots or Instagram automation works by using software, often known as “bots” to carry out certain tasks – using your Instagram account – to Instagram Users. These bots are NOT owned by Instagram. They use the Instagram API to complete the tasks they offer.


  • Likes
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Comments
  • Direct Messages
  • Posting Images and Stories
  • Deleting Posts

Instagram Bots also have lots of filters to make sure it’s only engaging with users you want to target. Instagram bot filters will allow you to target users based on:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Not Private
  • Do Not have a Profile Picture
  • Last Active
  • Follow Ratio
  • “Specific “language” accounts
  • Who they follow
  • And a lot more…

With Instagram bots, you also control how often they are interacting with each user and when. You have control over:

  • When the Bot is On or Off
  • How Many Actions It Should Complete in An Hour/Day/Week
  • Delay Between Each Action


  • Get more followers than when running your account manually (In most cases). I say ” in most cases” because we know some people and or brands do not need bots. Would you imagine Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo paying for an Instagram bot? They do not need to.
  • Having more followers might bring some snowball benefit effect such as getting more people to check out your website and product pages and increasing the likelihood to purchase.


The idea was to get as many Instagram followers and likes as you could without having to manually do it. You wanted to save a lot of time and effort needed to get noticed on Instagram. And that is why these effective tools were created for helping you get more followers and likes on Instagram. Today, thousands of business owners with Instagram profiles want to share their content easily and get noticed on Instagram using one of these tools, apps or bots.


As each account is different, this number will vary. If you’re consistently posting high-quality content you’re definitely going to see a higher number of followers. Most of these tools do not guarantee any specific number of followers because these are real people who have to decide by themselves whether or not to follow you.


  • The right tool will depend on your Instagram marketing objectives: do you want the tool to follow or like specific keywords on bio? or specific hashtags in posts? or specific geo-location hashtags?
  • Are you looking to for a tool to add comments for specific hashtags? Remember users are now very savvy to find out about your spammy comments so you might want to think twice before getting a tool to automate your Instagram commentary. An IVA (Instagram Virtual Assistant) might be better for this.
  • When possible, ensure the tool’s server location and time zone is same as the location and time zone of your business. This is important as Instagram can detect someone in another location is trying to sign up to your account sending alert signals to Instagram.
  • Can the tool dashboard easily allow for adding, saving and/or deleting selected hashtags?
  • What is the maximum “like” speed per hour? Make sure your app allows you to set a cap so you do not get banned by Instagram. Some of these tools allow you to specify a number between 10-100 likes per hour. We have heard some clients getting their accounts blocked for “liking” images at a speed of 70 “likes” per hour. If you want to play safe, you might want to “like” images at 20-40 per hour.
  • Multiple exact hashtag match type is likely to not be available. Let’s say you only want the tool to like Instagram images that have both #instagram AND #marketing. If one of the two does not appear, it should not “like” the image. Well, this functionality does not exist as far as we know.


  • Connect the tool to Instagram. To get started, you will be required to connect your Instagram account to the tool. Once you’re connected, you will be allowed to access the tool dashboard.
  • Click “It was me”. You should have gotten a notification from Instagram informing you of our attempt to log-in. Please click “it was me” if given the option and you should be all set. If this message gets to you late and you have already denied the log-in, you will need to let the tool team know as they will have to reset your account. Typically, you won’t have to reset your password, but if you are requested to by Instagram, please be sure to update your Instagram password in your tool dashboard as well.

instagram account login verification

  • Add your targeting preferences. You’ll set up your account to target the type of Instagram audience you want to engage with.
  • Save and start getting followers. Once you have perfected your preferences, sit back, and enjoy your new Instagram fans and more likes on your Instagram content.


  • Most Instagram users prefer to follow personal profiles instead of businesses. The main reason is that business profiles often try to sell their products, and followers don’t want to flood their newsfeed with sales advertisements. That being said, businesses have the advantage of a more focused demographic specifically interested in their products/services, hence the slower pace of growth.


Instagram’s Terms of Use make it clear that “likes” automation or “botting” is a no-no. Instagram has implemented anti-spam/anti-bot restriction, which does things like preventing accounts from liking too many photos in a short amount of time or commenting the same thing again and again. They seem to oppose using bots, and it’s very easy to determine who’s using them or not, so why don’t they do something about it? For one thing, Instagram needs to show robust growth. Every time Facebook (owner of Instagram) reports their financial earnings, they need to show user growth on their flagship products; almost just as importantly, they need to show healthy engagement. Growth and engagement are the life forces of Facebook’s stock, and any decrease in either can send shares south.




Voted by real users as the World’s Number 1 Best Instagram Followers Bot, Sara Agency is a fantastic Instagram followers generator to grow your Instagram following fast. Sara Agency is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to increase their Instagram reach. For only $9.99, it is one of the most affordable and powerful IG bots. Sara agency will bring real organic engagement to your Instagram profile and help you get tons of new followers.

Sara Agency ranks well on:

Security – All data information is encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • Automation – Save time by automating all routine tasks: auto like, auto follow, auto comment and auto unfollow.
  • Speed – Interact with your audience thousands of times a day via likes, comments and follows/unfollows.
  • Organic Growth – engage with people who have similar interests to your brand, increasing the chances they’ll want to follow your Instagram.
  • Control – Target gender, followers, following, max posting date (age of the post) etc. Engage with your Instagram audience using likes, comments and follows.



The next automation tool is a desktop-based service that’s focused to help improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Combin relies on utilizing relevant hashtags and location search to get the best potential customers possible. It also has a few other functions, but one that’s worth mentioning is that it can monitor your competitor’s activity and performance. Free package but it is limited to 250 actions a day. Paid packages start at $10/month.


Boostgram offers real Instagram followers and likes in three clicks. They provide a full range of actions & settings to help you increase & target specific Instagram followers. Key features:

  • Gender targeting: allows you to automatically interact with either female, male or both audiences.
  • Location targeting: Targeting by location allows you to focus your efforts to specific geographic areas. This is very effective for local and regional businesses.
  • Post scheduling: Create a unique Instagram campaign or plan posts in advance, Boostgram lets you schedule any content to be posted now or in the future.
  • Manage multiple accounts: Add multiple Instagram accounts into your dashboard for easy and simple control over multiple Instagram accounts.
  • 24/7 support: support staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions through both chat and email.


Fanbump works quite different than other Instagram bots as Fanbump team will build a custom-tailored, organic strategy to get your Instagram account in front of more than 10.000 people in your target audience each month.

Clients of Fanbump can expect an average of 1,000 – 2,500 real, relevant, and engaged followers each month.

Fanbump team takes account safety extremely important. They will start slowly and then gradually increase your daily follows, likes, and unfollows to maximize your account’s safety. Fanbump will stay well under Instagram’s limits on following, liking, and unfollowing.  Fanbump will make sure your Instagram account will NOT get shadowbanned or deleted.


Save time and money by putting your Instagram network building on autopilot with our app.  Find the time to engage or take time off to relax. Key features:

    • Get Real Instagram Followers
    • Schedule Automated Photo Posts
    • Automated Photo and Video Liker and Commenter
    • Powerful Searches, including by location, hashtags, and more!
  • Find and Create Exportable Lists of Users


Automate the process of following users, unfollow users, share photos, like photos, unlike photos, post comments, send direct messages, user search, photo search with Follow Liker This tool makes your Instagram marketing and account management very easy. Your follower count will skyrocket with this amazing tool. You can also do much more with FollowLiker and it is very easy to use. $97 one time payment and unlimited accounts.

Key features:

  • Automatic “Follow” Users. Auto-follow users; follow: a user’s followers/following, users discussing a topic (by keywords/hashtags), by location/language, custom list of users (your own list); Follow back your followers; Follow by follower to following ratio.
  • Automatic “Un-follow” users. Auto-Unfollow users, unfollow users not following back after some days, limit unfollow per run or day, white list users that should not be unfollowed, unfollow by follower to following ratio.
  • Share photos and videos. Keep your Instagram profiles active, engaging and interesting. Automatically share or upload photos and videos to your Instagram accounts directly from your computer; Schedule photo and video sharing/uploading; Limit photo and video sharing/uploading.
  • Automatic “Like” photos. Auto-like photos; Like photos posted by a user; Like custom list of photos (your own list).
  • Automatic “Un-Like” photos. Auto-unlike photo, unlike photos that the tool automatically “liked” after a specific number of days, set unlike photo limit with each run, delay unlike to look more natural.
  • Automatic Commenting on photos. Comment on a user’s photos; Comment on custom list of photos (your own list).
  • Automatic send direct messages. Communicate with your followers directly and keep them informed. Automatically send direct messages to your followers, send thank you messages to new followers.
  • Automatic find users to follow based on keywords, other user’s followers/following and location. It has the ability to remove the results of users that only have a default profile picture.
  • Blacklist users. Build a list of users who should not be followed, users whose photo should not be liked or commented on. Auto-blacklist unfollowed users.
  • Add and use multiple accounts with ease and configure private settings for special accounts. You can also use it to manage an unlimited number of client’s profiles as a service. You can add several accounts to one instance of the software, update or edit profiles of accounts.


Ins-Grow is a customised Instagram Marketing service. No matter if you simply want to boost your personal Instagram account, they offer customised plans for everybody. Prices start at USD$5.69 for 600 followers.


Instaboostgram offers quality real followers. No password required. No need to follow others. Fastest delivery online. Privacy Protection. E-mail support included. 100% Satisfaction. 24×7 Support. Money-Back Guarantee.


Instamacro works the same as other auto-like, auto-follower Instagram tools. Packages start at $2.99 for one day. If you pay for 30 days you can get the package for $59.99. Instamacro guarantees that the followers or likes you get through their service are genuine and not merely forged by bots. The likes you get as well as the followers you get are REAL people who are genuinely interested in your gallery. They are the people who want to connect with you.


Get more real Instagram followers organically. Use this Instagram Bot to automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM, and Post and grow your network with real followers! Starts at $29.95/month.


Get followers on Instagram with our Instagram bot. Automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM, and post in an Instant with Instazood. The web is filled with many Instagram bot and tools that promise results in terms of the number of followers and likes on social networking sites. Most of Instagram bots make promises to deliver results overnight! Instazood does not. They know that creating a reliable and trustworthy profile using visuals can take time. And they also know that you don’t have that kind of time to devote to managing your social media profile. Instazood Instagram bot is an effective tool that can get real results. Our Instagram bot guarantee that the followers or likes you get through our service are genuine and not merely forged by bots. The likes you get as well as the followers you get are REAL people who are genuinely interested in your Instagram content. They are the people who want to connect with you. Prices start at $9.99/month.


Kickliker offers cheap Instagram Likes Starting at $0.6 for 1000 images.

best Instagram apps likes followers automation


We tested Kickstagram for a period of 3 months and we obtained a net gain of 381 new followers. This Instagram account we use is for this testing exercise had only 30 posts and is about Digital Marketing. During the test we got Kicksta to “like” content of people who follow other digital marketing related Instagram accounts. As each month costs USD$49, the total 3 months investment would have been USD$147. this would have meant it would have cost us 38 cents each new net follower.

Kicksta Pricing Instagram likes followers tool


Likegrowers is a professional Instagram growth tool that generates attention to your Instagram profile by fulfilling your liking strategy. This web-based tool helps you to get organic likes and followers on Instagram. Packages: USD$$9.99 for 25.000 likes, USD$34.99 for 125.000 likes and USD$49.99 for 250.000 likes.

OUR TEST We are currently testing this tool with our dummy Instagram account and so far it has resulted on getting us one follower every 200 likes. This means that if you buy their $49 package: 250k likes then you could expect to get around: 1250 new followers. Their recommended “like” pace is around 70 likes per hour and their suggestion is to keep it that way to avoid a temporary liking ban from Instagram. Keep in mind that your $49 package might take around 5 months to burn at the pace of 70 likes per hour.

Key features:

  • Liking photos of followers of a specific Instagram account. This feature is an amazing feature where you can target a specific group of people who have already shown that they have an interest in specific profiles. What this feature does is that it likes pictures from followers of a specific Instagram account that you enter.
  • Liking specific geographic locations. With this feature, we want to target local Instagram users. This feature likes pictures in a specific location (cities, towns, countries) that you enter. All the pictures that are geo-tagged within that location will be liked. You will target local people who will see your Instagram profile.
  • Liking photos of your followers. To stay in touch with people that you are following it’s important that you show that you are there. We automated this process so you don’t need to check every time whether you’ve liked every picture in the news feed of your Instagram profile. This feature is great for showing loyalty to the people that you are following.
  • You can add a list of blacklist hashtags to avoid certain hashtags to be liked.


All the followers you receive through UK based Mapiac services are real people or businesses. By boosting your profile exposure to your target audience, you give them the opportunity to discover you and they can decide for themselves if they want to follow your profile or not. Mapiac works with your team to reach the results on every campaign. If there are any slow periods during your subscription, they offer you a 100% compensation for any experienced downtime. Your first day of subscription officially starts as soon as they have started your campaign and there is no fee for the configuration (set up) of your campaign. Packages start at $197/month. Key features:

  • Content Management. Get the right content for your audience. Curated and strategic posts that will elevate and expand your social media presence. Create top-notch content that is relevant, timely and useful. Through Mapiac expert guidance and ideation, your Instagram account will look consistent and refined. A Mapiac content specialist will analyse your profile strengths and weaknesses. Who will choose the right colour theme and tone of voice that will perform most effectively with your targeted followers? Mapiac will expertly curate and edit your best original content in addition to supplied artwork. Your images will improve with the right photo tips on quality and lighting. A regular flow of ideas will make sure you stay present and relevant in the eyes of your audience.
  • Automatic Direct Messages. Improve your conversion rates by automatically sending direct messages to your followers. Mapiac will write engaging copy that grabs the attention of your audience. Based on your specific needs, you will engage with your followers in a personalised and effective way.
  • Scheduled posting. Not enough time in the day. Let Mapiac do the posting for you. This hassle-free option will always keep you in the eyes of your followers. A personalized calendar will optimise your content for the best viewing times. You don’t have to worry about getting behind on your posts again. Mapiac account specialists will review your campaign and figure out when are the times to post for every day of the week. Mapiac will keep track of posting times and ensure that you achieve the highest reach possible by posting only during peak times.


Popamatic will manage your Instagram profile for you using their “Popamatic Assistants.” These assistants get customers real Instagram likes and followers by talking to the people who are most likely to fall in love with your brand. They claim: “It’s like having a social media agency without the big price.”


River used to offer a self-service $49/month package but it was a complete disaster as will take you ages to figure out what to do. With that $49 package, you had to constantly (daily) need to queue the photos you want the tool to like and the accounts to follow. This process instead of offering you a solution, it gives you far more work. You can easily do that directly on your Instagram. No surprised they ditch their self-serving $49 package and now only offer the $99 package per month. We tested this package with a dummy Instagram testing account and it brought 2600 followers in six months. Be mindful that even to get that result, River needed to hit the “7500 following” quota Instagram allow to follow. You will then need a bulk un-following tool to clear up your following count to find out your actual net “new followers” gain.  Lately, the tool has not actually quite work that well for some clients, liking non-relevant photos our clients have specified via hashtags. Our recommendation is to not use this tool until they can give you a 100% guaranteed they will like only photos of the hashtags you selected.


Rocket Social offers a dedicated team to serve especially Influencers Instagram growth. On social media, engagement is the key. So Rocket Social work is based on creating engagement for influencer individuals and brands. Engage again and again with targeted followers, using the right Hashtags. Rocket Social customers have not only become influencers for top brands, increased their website traffic and brand exposure, but have also been able to see a return of investment with their Instagram accounts. Price starts at $80/month. Key features:
  • For security reasons, everything is done manually, this way there is absolutely no risk of ban.
  • 24/7 Support. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you if you have any question. You can contact them by mail or WhatsApp.


Instagram and Twitter auto liker and bot trusted by over 25,000 happy customers. Auto liking is an easy-to-use and affordable way to attract business and traffic to your Instagram account. Their software likes photos and Tweets on behalf of your account. You pick the hashtags to follow and they get to work. It’s not spammy to receive a “like“, that’s why we’ve only ever done likes. When people receive your likes, they are inclined to check your profile and like and follow you back. Robolike likes about 60-80 photos per hour. Price starts at 7.77/month.

Key Features:

  • Hashtag targeting. You target the hashtags that you set. This drives the people you want to your account giving you organic followers and likes. Put as many tags as you would like or as few. This Instagram “likes” bot will cycle through those tags and do about 80 likes per hour for you.
  • View likes made on your behalf. Transparency is important to us. This tool also wants you to know everything that’s going on with your account. When logged in you’ll see the latest images liked by your account.
  • Build-In Content Filter. Robolike Autoliker has a built-in Content Filter to help your account like more relevant photos…not “inappropriate” ones. This is built into every account, nothing you need to do. It is already working.
  • Pay by credit card or Paypal. Pay with PayPal or checkout securely with Stripe.js credit card processing. You can cancel your account at any time through PayPal or for credit card users, through your Robolike dashboard.
  • Bulk account manager available. Instagram followings for businesses are important as well. So the bulk account is perfect for social media managers or businesses. If you are planning on managing more than 10 accounts, let us know and we will set you up with our bulk account manager.


Social Buddy helps you organically grow Instagram followers and engagement through cutting edge social media marketing techniques. We drive real targeted followers to your Instagram profile. Real growth, real people who are interested in your content or industry. Most of our clients increase 200-500 new followers per week and at the same time, their photo likes significantly go up. Prices start at $36/month


Three-day free trial. US$28/week. expect around 500 new followers a week. Targeting types:

  • Hashtags: Social Gear can target your ideal customer by the hashtags they are using on Instagram. This allows you to reach people all over the world that are actively engaging with hashtags related to your content, business or brand.
  • Accounts: Social Gear can target anyone that follows specific accounts on Instagram. This allows you to reach the customers of your competitor by engaging with people already following their accounts.
  • Locations: Social Gear can target any location (venue, city, state, country, etc) relevant to your business. They can reach people in a specific city like Long Beach or a specific location like the bar around the corner from yours. This enables you to grow your business, locally.


As other tools, they will work with you to determine the exact type of real people you want to target and who are interested in your niche. They automate the “liking” process to attract real people to your Instagram account! With this tool, you can also target your competitors’ followers who might be interested in your offering. Packages start at $39/month. One of the most cost-efficient services.  Use promo code “15OFFSALE” or “XMAS15” to get 15% off.


Webogram offers cheap Instagram packages for followers and likes, helping marketers and influencers who need to quickly increase their Instagram photo likes and followers. Promo code: 20XYHGATX for 20% off  – special discount offer. Key features:

  • Quick high-speed Instagram new followers and likes.
  • Ability to view order status and quantities
  • Likes and new real Instagram followers
  • Secured payment methods and refunds available.


Grow your Instagram faster with a dedicated account manager. Grow your likes, followers, and social network. $59/month. Free 14-day trial. Key features:

  • Target your audience. No fakes. No randoms. WorkMacro will only engage with real Instagram users who you want as followers.
  • Powered by AI. Their intelligent robots are at the heart of our operations, finding the most active and relevant Instagrammers to engage with.
  • Set it and let it run! No downloads, no complicated settings. We will follow users, like posts, and unfollow users who do not engage back.


$19 for 30 days and $59 for 120 days. The tool will like and follow specific hashtags or locations. Allows excluding following “private” users. It allows us to build a new account from no followers to 3200 followers in 3 months.

OUR TEST. Lately, #likes has been having issues connecting Instagram accounts to the bot taking you to make security code verifications via phone which has proven to be a nightmare.  #Likes offer customer support via chat and email but many times the chat is supposed to be live but noo-one responds and when sending “support related” emails may take weeks for someone to respond.

Promo code / Coupon code

  • Enter “hellospring” to get 20% off on any plan. Ends 31st March 2018.
  • 30% OFF Coupon code: Add summersummer to the checkout form when making a purchase. This discount will only be available until only August 31st, 2018

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