Advantages & Scope of Digital Marketing

If you are curious what digital marketing is, it is a form of advertising provided through digital channels like social media, email, mobile apps, search engines and websites. Companies today need the right digital marketing strategies to market their innovations.

Why is digital marketing important?

The percentage of people spending time on electronic gadgets is increasing. Due to which, companies across the globe are using digital strategies to reimagine their business. A sharp digital marketing strategy is done through both online and offline channels.

Digital Marketing: Advantages & Disadvantages

Following are some of the benefits of Digital Marketing

Worldwide Reach

Websites and mobile apps enable you to discover new markets and conduct global trade with low investment.

Decreased costs and measurable outcomes

A well planned digital marketing campaign can reach the right clients with a lower marketing budget compared to conventional marketing techniques. Measurability of digital marketing initiatives through web analytics enables you to fine-tune your strategies according to business outcomes.

Target the ideal customers

Digital marketing approach ensures that the right clients are seeing your content. SEO helps you to maintain engagement with consumers who are searching the web for services that belong to your business niche. With refined targeting abilities, digital marketing mechanisms help you to focus your marketing budget on achieving optimal outcomes.

The disadvantages (stumbling blocks) of digital marketing are as follows:-

Successful digital marketing campaigns need top training procedures to attain high levels of expertise in the marketing staff.
Global competition is extremely high to get customers attention. It can be challenging to get your message across to the clients in the digital marketing arena.
Brand reputation can be adversely affected due to negative comments by clients and failure on the part of the company to redress them. Carrying out transparent customer service in cyberspace can be tricky.

Scope of Digital Marketing

The global job market is booming in the digital marketing arena. The year on year growth in the number of qualitative jobs is rapidly increasing.

Tremendous job opportunities

Global brands and enterprise are considering digital marketing as an influential, reliable and measurable way to target potential customers. This leads to a high demand for knowledgeable digital marketing professionals. Compared to other employment sectors, digital marketing is an all-season domain.


Digital Marketing pushes you to advance your knowledge with the latest skills and tools. Depending on your passion, you can don the role of an SEO analyst, Reputation management executive, social media manager and so on. This profession enjoys high remuneration packages with a 30 per cent YOY salary growth.

Certification in Digital Marketing

Beginners in this field can consider joining reputable digital marketing courses to get certified and learn the latest marketing techniques and tools from experts.

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