7 Tips To Build High Converting Landing Pages

Are you looking to boost conversions, grow email lists, gather more data for your business? If yes, then a converting landing page can be your finishing point to get all of it.

If you have a converting landing page on your site, you have the chance to increase your conversions upto…. Well, that’s not certain but Wordstream has provided some data about certain landing page conversion rates.

According to that data, the average landing pages have a conversion rate up to 2.35% whereas the top 25% and top 10% landing pages convert up to 5.31% and 11.45% respectively.

If you want to achieve these conversion rates, you must have to convert landing pages on your site. Let’s talk about how to create those converting landing pages.

7 Ways To Create High-Converting Landing Pages

1. Use A Precise CTA Button

A Call-to-Action(CTA) button is a button that is added on the landing page to make visitors perform the action you want. Place an accurate CTA button with a clear goal of moving potential customers into the next stage of your sales funnel.

  • Identify your development framework to choose the perfect design for your CTAs that’s suitable for your landing page.
  • If you don’t want the visitor’s reading to be interrupted after clicking the CTA, then add target=”_blank” attribute in the link to open the URL in a new tab.
  • Classify which links should be “nofollow” or “dofollow”. If you don’t want Google to crawl the external links you added on your landing page, then you can make it a “nofollow” link otherwise let it be a follow link.
  • Take care that the links you added on your landing page should not open another page on the same tab when clicked. This’ll put in the visitor’s reading flow. If you redirect the reader to another page when he’s reading your landing page content, you raise the chances to increase your landing page’s bounce rate.
  • Find the perfect place to put your CTA on your landing page. It’s highly recommended to put the CTA above the fold so that the user doesn’t have to scroll to find it. Unbounce did the same thing here

Having a perfect CTA on your landing page can boost your conversion up to 80 percent. Create an awesome CTA now or enhance your existing CTA if it’s not performing well to build a high converting landing page.

2. Improve Your Landing Page Speed

Page speed refers to the time a page takes to load completely on a browser. This should be flashing otherwise the readers will move to a different site since they’ve enough other options.

  • Keep the Document-Object-Model(DOM) size under 1500 nodes.
  • Page size under 1MB is the ideal size for a fast loading web-page, according to Tammy Everts, Web Performance Expert.
  • Try to keep your page’s server response time under 200ms because it’s the best server response time.
  • If your site gets visitors from various regions, implement a CDN. This’ll help the server deliver content fast when users are requesting for it from different demographics.
  • Load the external CSS file from the header section to improve the page load speed. This’ll load the design of the page when the connection is slow.
  • Remove redundant code, comments, etc. from the page.

Competition is high and users have countless websites to visit. To keep the visitor stick to your landing page, you must optimize it for fast loading. It can also increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

3. Use More Visuals

Webmarketinggroup says, 40% of people respond better to the visuals rather than text. Try to add more visuals like Pictures, Videos, GIFs on your landing page to make it more tasteful and engaging.

  • Optimize your images and keep them under 70KB to load faster.
  • PNGs are better for graphics and JPEGs for photographs. Create your images according to that.
  • Videos can increase your conversions by up to 80 percent. Add video on your landing page to express your intent in a few seconds.
  • Research from Visible Measures says that 20-30% of the visitors’ click away from a video in the first 10 seconds. Only 70-80% of the visitors watch a video up to 30 seconds on average.
  • Use optimized metadata in your video to improve the ranking of your video.
  • Add transcriptions of your videos to your landing page’s HTML to boost keyword searches.
  • If someone’s speaking on your landing page video, don’t forget to include closed captions in your video.
  • Test both “Autoplay” and “Click To Play” button to determine which works best for your page.

52% of the buyers feel more confident after watching a video about a product, a report from Invodo says. Try to include visual elements to make your landing page more converting.

4. Social Proofs Are A Must

A Nielsen report says that 70% of the users trust the reviews from other people who they’ve never met.

  • Embed your social posts on your landing page that has the most impressions. This makes a good impact because the visitor thinks the audience engages with your brand.
  • Create a grid on your landing page to describe what you do in a small section.
  • To build credibility, you can add testimonials on your landing page.
  • If you provide integrations with other big brands, add it to your landing page.
  • Add trust seals to assure users that their data is safe with them.
  • Use counters to display the no. of products you sold, no. of customers you’ve served, etc.
  • Display the brands you’ve served to let visitors know how many clients you’ve worked for just as HubSpot did here


All the above tactics are the ways to gain user’s trust and a converting landing page must have these trust-building factors.

5. Analyze And Optimize Your Landing Page

Your landing page is the page where the visitor will land after searching for your brand. You must optimize it well to rank high on SERPs. Plus you should always keep track of your page and analyze what things and elements are performing most and least to enhance your landing page.

  • Long-tail keywords are easy to rank. Use long-tail keywords rather than general keywords to rank better. For instance. “Car dealer in Boston” instead of “Cars”.
  • Watch user recordings of your landing page visits to know where the visitor has clicked or skipped.
  • Watch scroll maps to check where the visitors on your landing page are staying to read and where they’re scrolling fast to skip the content.
  • Use heatmaps to know where the visitors are clicking most and least on your landing page.

Your marketing efforts towards SEO can help you make a converting landing page and boost your conversions. Try to optimize your landing page to have a good affinity with the search engines.

6. Use A Form With Minimum Fields

Usually, after 7 fields in a landing page form, conversion rate starts to drop quickly.

  • Instead of asking deep details, you can just ask for the email with one input field.
  • Use radio buttons to let the users type less to fill out the details. This’ll let them select the options you want as an input in one click.
  • Only 3% of users will fill out 4 fields on a contact form, according to Instapage. Keep your form less than 4 fields.

When you click on Register button on Outbrain, you get a short 3 field form like this

There’s no compulsion to use a 3 field form but shorter forms can make lead capturing  easier as well as faster. All you need is to convert your visitors into leads and a shorter form can do this faster. That means its a major factor for a converting landing page.

7. Build A Sober Landing Page

Sounds easy but believe me it’s not. What you have to do is to keep fewer things on your landing page to make it simple. Simple landing pages look more attractive than the complex ones.

  • Remove unnecessary content which isn’t performing or visitors aren’t reading.
  • Don’t put too many images or text on the landing page. This distracts the visitors and prompts them to leave your page.
  • Use bullets instead of chunks of paragraphs to make your content more readable.
  • Show your contact info to let visitors connect with you in a dilemma.

A converting landing page can never be complex. The simpler it is, the more focused visitor will be on it.

Wrap Up

In summary, an effective landing page can drive tons of traffic, boost conversions and help you in lead generation. By using testimonials to keeping the landing page simple, you’ll be improving your landing page as per your audience’s need. Heal the audience’s pain with your landing page, it’ll work as a conversion booster.

Few additional tips to make this wrap worth reading:

  • Trigger reader’s emotions with real and human images like a happy or satisfied customer.
  • You can use informal language at a few places on your landing page.
  • Display social sharing of your landing pages, like how many times your page was shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.
  • Use Straightforward headings to clear your agenda.
  • A few changes in color schemes have uplifted many brands’ conversion rates. You can try to change it to grow yours.
  • Try integrating a chatbot with your website for 24/7 chat assistance.

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