6 Proven Ways to Improve SEO Company Ranking for Top Keywords

Ranking your keywords in search results isn’t as straightforward as it once was. With all of the 2019 Google algorithm changes digital marketing experts have seen, traditional tactics like keyword research and targeting, page tagging optimization, on-page audit don’t have the impact that they used to.

As every website is unique that means using a certain tactic doesn’t guarantee results for your website. That is why it is important for search engine optimization to make continuous improvements, test new SEO strategies, monitor performance and adjust as needed.

1. Perform a Technical SEO Audit

The Google algorithm incorporates hundreds of signals, plus machine learning to determine search rankings for users. Firstly, fix duplicate content issues and change the multiple version of the same page.

2. Track Rankings

If you’re bothering track your keyword rankings, make sure to focus on the targeted keywords that have a high search in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Keep yourself in audience shoes and think what keywords your audience will search or take third-party keyword suggestion tools like Google Keyword Planner to perform your keyword research.

3. Optimize for Mobile

With Google rolling out the mobile-first index, your website pages need to pass the mobile-friendly test in this mobile marketing world. In order to keep your rankings on the top of search results avoid a mobile ranking meltdown, you should double down on mobile tasks and performance. Here task refers to the objective of your site’s visitors, ensure they are able to navigate or browse your website smoothly.

Performance can be improved on the basis of site loading speed. Is your images or videos bog down loading times on your website?

4. Fix Broken Links

Many website owners have a habit of ignoring broken links but do you know it creates a less than ideal user experience. Well, internal and external links play major role in your website ranking. By using tools like W3C link checker or any other broken link checker you can easily spot the 404 errors and fix them.

5. Craft ‘Clickable’ Meta Description

Even though meta descriptions don’t’ have a direct impact on your rankings but meta title and meta description play a significant role in CTR. This, in turn, can increase your web traffic. So, every time make sure all descriptions are unique and irresistible to click by users. If you don’t include metas at your backend Google will auto-generate it.

6. Improve the Quality

SEO Experts increase Google rankings by making the best page on the internet for that topic. They don’t try to trick a robot, they help users find the information they’re looking for. Find out effective ways to make the page great, add brief detail, examples, links to internal pages, graphics, and a video. Don’t focus to just add keywords. It’s all about the website visitors make it a better page in the best possible you can.

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