5 SEO Tips to Increase your Traffic and Sales

Search engine optimization service can’t help create demand, there has to already be volume associated with your targeted keyword.  The best SEO experts will do their research before even beginning the provided SEO services.  Once your keyword rank is established, you’ll be rewarded with a constant flow of leads from your website.  What business doesn’t want more leads from their website?  Here’s 5 tips to help your SEO and conversion rates:

  1. Outsmart your competition with clever keywords

The keyword game has changed a bit since the early 2000’s – as the industry evolves, you’ll need to think pioneer your own methods. Without right keywords, you could be just wasting your time targeting things that have no volume, but try new things!  You could come across a keyword that is searched with some decent volume, but your competitors wouldn’t think to use.  For example, use long-tail keywords that don’t particularly focus on the service or product, but the pain points your potential prospect is facing.  Instead of targeting “fridge repair” try targeting “my fridge is making a loud noise”.

  1. Direct the content on your website to your readers – not Google

After Google sends you the traffic – it’s up to your awesome writing skills to engage the reader! Create quality and useful content that resonates to your target consumer, remember Google loves it when they stay on your website for long periods of time – you’ll get some free SEO points for that! Don’t just write for the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  After the visitor hits your website, they have to find what they were originally searching for.

  1. Social Media Marketing is not SEO – True…But it does effect SEO.

Social media marketing is a whole different arena when it comes to digital marketing.  It takes a certain type of person that engages well with others through carefully crafted messages. Once mastered this can be a valuable asset for traffic, sales and ultimately your SEO score.  Google tracks how many referrals your website is getting from the social networks.  Google likes to see that you’re sustaining with additional traffic outside of search engines, it shows that you really are popular and connect with your readers.  SEO the crap out of your website, but don’t forget about social media marketing either!

  1. Use a lot of call to actions! (Sign-up Now!)

You got a ton of traffic, but nothing is equating to sales?  The majority of SEO Service Companies do great work off-page, but a lot of them forget how important it is to help convert the traffic.  A simple technique to implement, “call to action”.  Sub-consciously humans read a website similar to an article or a book, they need some direction to what’s next.  That’s why it’s important to lead the visitor to where or what you want them to ultimately do – SIGN UP or BUY!  We like to use also a time frame tagged onto it like now, today, or right away.  More buttons, and more action will lead to more conversions!

  1. Keep your blog active with fresh new content

Picture yourself going to your local electronic store and they have no current products and they take purchases through a paper system, and worst they use a type writer to print your receipt!  You want to keep active with your website, because the blog shows how active you are as a company.  If someone is looking to make a sizable purchase and your prices are comparable – who do you think they’ll choose?  The one with a type writer or the one holding an iPad to make the transaction?  Keep your blog filled with news of events or promotions happening wit your business, oh and it doesn’t hurt for Google to read that content either.

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